Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agent

You can buy your insurance from three different types of agents or companies:

Direct Companies – you buy insurance via a phone rep or the web. There is no face to face contact, no local representation and limited advice from a qualified professional.

Captive Agents – you get the advice of one company that sells only one brand of insurance.

Independent Agents – with an independent agent like HYI, we do not work for one particular company. We represent over 20 different insurance companies with access to over 30 others. We evaluate and compare your personal or business needs with these companies to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service.

Your Independent Insurance Agent – Harding-Yost Insurance:

Personalized Solutions/Convenience – we live in a continuously changing world. Personal lives change, business needs change and so do your insurance needs. We don’t try to fit you into one cookie cutter product or company. We evaluate your situation and can switch you to a different company without the hassle of having to move to a different agent as your needs change.

Saves You Time and Money – getting quotes from various insurance companies takes time. We will compare the price, coverage and service of several companies and report the results to you.

Is Your Advocate – we work for you, not the insurance company and have your best interests in mind during claims processing or policy changes. Serving you is our most important concern.

Local Service and Personal Representation – need a proof of insurance card last minute or a certificate of insurance? We’re here to provide you service quickly. It’s reassuring knowing there is a friendly face available to meet with you when you need it. Local claims processing gives you faster service and peace of mind. Regional insurance companies often times have better products for what is needed in our local area.

All Inclusive/Full Service – one stop shopping for a full range of products – home, renters, auto, business, life, health, disability, employee benefits. Claims processing and policy review.

Partnership/Counseling/Resources – we understand the industry due to the broad depth of knowledge we gain from representing many companies and will provide professional advice and support to our clients.