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HYI Employee Benefits Team

Offer Employee Health Benefits

A Changing Market

Health Insurance has dramatically changed over the years! And, it’s not going to stop. Our commitment to you is that we will stay informed of changes, communicate them to you and ensure that you are staying compliant with State and Federal regulations.

Employee benefit health insurance plans have become one of the biggest concerns and largest expenses a business has to deal with…every year. We understand how important it is for your company to offer a benefits package that strikes the right balance between what you offer your employees and your bottom line.

Multiple Plan Options

We offer a variety of plans including Fully Insured, HRAs, Health Savings and Self-Funded.

No Cost, Value-Added Services

We also have a strategic relationship with The Benecon Group which enables us to bring you the following value-added services free of charge:

  • Cobra Services (Federal & State)
  • Compliance Services – Plan documents/Section 125 set up
  • HRA administration
  • HSA administration
  • Consortium/Self Funding (Over 50 employees)

Please contact Harding-Yost Insurance to discuss your business with an employee benefits professional today.